Our R & D department continuously monitors on regulatory developments…

…to ensure full compliance of the manufactured products. We anticipate market trends, including the use of preservatives and propose alternative solutions to our clients.


A person dedicated to the verification of all the substances in use.

Member of EDANA

Support on the non-woven

Member of the Cosmetic Valley

Support on cosmetics regulations

Anticipate regulatory changes

Within Euro Wipes, we consider that the development of a product does not end with its launch on the market :

The regulations change, and require to adapt the ingredients or manufacturing conditions. We develop products taking into account the specifications of customers,  in line with any expert authority positions and with the support of knowledgeable experts (laboratories, toxicologists, dermatologists …).
To this end we rely on :

  • Manufacturing controlled conditions that guarantee integrity and optimum life to our products. We strictly apply the Cosmetics GMP in combination with HACCP risk studies.
  • Safe ingredients for consumers. We are extremely attentive to the regulations that could affect the composition of our formulations (including the European REACH regulation or the regulation on biocidal).
  • Full transparency of information about our products. We comply with the CLP Regulation on labeling (EC No. 1272/2008) : requirement to display on the packaging the dangers associated with certain substances.