Cosmetic GMP Certification

Our exigence at your service

Our working methods and our equipment are recognized and approved by our customers. They meet the highest standards of dermo-cosmetics, as attested by our Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practice certification (ISO22716 : 2007) obtained in 2013.

Our proficiency regarding the working environment and manufacturing processes enable us to offer a wide range of products ranging from baby wipes to the development of pharmaceuticals, veterinary and ophthalmological products.

A strong adaptability

Euro Wipes wealth lies in the flexibility of its manufacturing processes. Our teams analyze your needs and offer the right solutions to your needs, whatever the area concerned :

  • analyzes of raw materials and finished products
  • manufacturing bulk and finished products
  • custom packaging

Formulas developed in compliance with the European Regulation on cosmetics CE N° 1223/2009.

  • Selection of raw materials according to their expected effectiveness in the light of their toxicological and ecological profiles.
  • Presence of at least 90% of natural components.
  • Use of the minimum amount of necessary ingredients.
  • Optimisation of preservatives concentration.
  • pH adjusted to ensure optimal conservation and good skin tolerance